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Please update to work with iOS 11

Developer is MIA

This was a great app. I had purchased it on my iPhone and also this version for my iPad, plus had purchased most of the puzzle packs for both versions. Sadly I cannot even open the game at all now on any device after upgrading to iOS 11. If the developer would just invest enough time to update the app then it would still be my favorite puzzle game, but without an update it is now a worthless investment.

Was a great app but doesn't work with iOS 11.

I loved this app but given iOS 11 is in public beta, it's ridiculous that an app I bought still doesn't work with iOS 11. Otherwise it's a fantastic kokoru app with all of the features one could want - different levels, timing, pencil compatibility. One glaring feature (besides the fact I can't use it!) - there are no expansion packs available. When you finish the puzzle set, you're done.

Love this game

Got a message that this app won't work with future OS versions. Please update so all the users out there can continue enjoying this app. Thank you.

Best in class

This is by far the best kakuro app I have tried. I have never had a technical issue with the app and the different levels makes it perfect for the entire family. I look forward to the addition of more games, PLEASE!

Needs more levels

Really great application, but has limited numbers of levels. Add more levels already!!


Great implementation - perfectly suited to play on the iPad.

Best Kakuro app out there!

I am an avid Kakuro fan, and I love that this app is appropriate for beginners and all levels. Very adjustable to any skill level with a great tutorial and game options. Highly recommended!

Great teaching tool

I had a hard time finding books of kakuro and thought I would try this. I especially like that it is progressive - there are many games at each level that give you practice with newly introduced patterns. I love that you can turn on and off the error notification and the hints. And the timer gives you another way to challenge yourself. This is just a really nicely designed game.

Luv it BUT

Please let me opt out of Game Center, permanently. I DON'T USE Game Center. I DON'T WANT TO USE Game Center. I'm NOT GOING TO USE Game Center. PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME TELL YOU THIS EVERY TIME I OPEN THE APP. Please. Thanks.

Great app

Addicted to this app. Can't put it down. My best time and current time are always the same. Is this a bug?

Well worth it

I've had this app for over a year and continue to return to it. Very relaxing to do the puzzles and the app is done beautifully. Worth every penny!

Primo Kakuro

I play quite a few games and this is my favorite or at least the one I play the most.

Great game but too few puzzles for the money

OK, I really like playing this Kakuro. It has all the features I care about (e.g. pencil marks, showing possible combinations, attractive layout). But for $3.99, I really think I should be able to buy software that will generate new puzzles for me indefinitely. I knew it had limited numbers when I purchased, but I thought I was buying 400 good puzzles, which is value for money. However, most are too small or easy for me. And I am still confused by whether I even get the 400 puzzles, or whether I am going to be charged more for accessing that number. BE CLEAR ABOUT WHAT IS INCLUDED FOR THE $3.99! Otherwise it's quite a rip-off. Notice too that the hard puzzles cost twice as much as the easier ones. This doesn't reflect any added costs to the maker. If this were more honest and value for money, I would have given it 5 stars.

I love this game

I am addicted. I have purchased the two available "evil" extra packs and would like more. Please add additional difficult puzzles for purchase.

Great App

I am addicted. I always liked cross sums and this app has everything. I like the extra puzzles and ability to play against my best times.

Fun puzzle, nice app

This is a very nice application. The interface is simple and elegant, and very easy to read. There is an option for showing/hiding errors. The game also has the ability to show all possible combinations for the selected across and down clues. This feature can also be turned on or off. Finally, sudoku-style "pencil marking" is a feature of the app. The app is a little easier to use in portrait mode than it is in landscape, but the puzzle window supports pinch-zoom and scrolling, so it is workable in either orientation. The lite version is identical to the free version, but contains just a few puzzles instead of the 400+ that are in the full version. I find kakuro (or cross-sums, as they used to be known) to be a much more fascinating and enjoyable puzzle than sudoku and other number puzzles. But they are very hard to find either online or in bookstores. So I was glad to find such a polished and enjoyable app on my iPad.

Best Kakuro!

I love Kakuro. This is the best app available IMHO. The only improvement I would make is to have specific penciled-in numbers disappear when that number is entered into the line. Another reviewer suggested colors for what-if combinations. Also a good idea. I'd like to give this app 4-1/2 stars, but since that's not possible, I'll give it 5 because it *is* the best!

Great great job!!

I have done all of the brown and back belt Kakuro books plus all of the older Dell Cross Sums. It's hard to find more to do, so tried the lite version of this app and loved it. An easy decision to upgrade to this larger selection. I like everything about this app and just hope additional puzzles will be obtainable once these are all done. There are zero flaws in this app! Highly recommended.


I've been doing kakuro puzzles in book form for years. This app is even better.

Love it!

Totally addictive--I can't stop playing. You can mark your guesses. It's better than the pencil and paper version.

Missing a key feature

The interface is elegant but I wish it allowed you to write in different colors. This was a fun feature in another kakuro app, and it allows you to test out different options...

Makes your brain work

This is a great game as it makes the gray matter hum. It is different from sudoku since you are actually trying to perform math instead of the process of elimination. Great fun.

Fun game with an easy to use interface

This is a nice translation of a paper puzzle game. It's a smooth interface that lets you relax and enjoy the game without spending time fussing with the screen and "buttons". The tutorial makes it easy for new players to pick up the tradition.

keeping me awake at night!!

I've always loved kakuro, and this is an awesome way to play. Nice features, lots of puzzles at various levels. Good stuff!


I've been a Kakuro addict for 3 years and think this app is great. Now I can play any time, any place.

New Kakuro devotee and I love this

Admittedly this is my first time playing Kakuro. The game itself is easy to learn and I hope to get faster with practice. What I love about this app is that it explains the game well and is easy to follow. The puzzles get progressively harder, so it isn't stuck in beginner mode. I love the pencil marking options, and the interface is very intuitive.

Kakuro Addict's Dream

I have been a kakuro addict for years, to the point that I made my own excel sheets with combinations. I have tried a few other kakuro apps, and this really is the best. It's a very thoughtful app written by someone who truly understands the game. There are three different pencil marking options and the settings allow you to turn on and off different options. If you like kakuro, buy this app.

Love it!

Great game! Makes you think. Even for the math challenged. Highly recommend this game.

Great interface

Intro levels help you out...this game is very addicting!

Nice app

I'm a big Kakuro fan. This is a very nice implementation. It's intuitive and has a clean UI. The puzzles are progressively challenging and there are a LOT of puzzles to work through. It should keep me busy for a long time. I like to work my way up by doing one puzzle from each level, and I can see that there is plenty of challenge as I go up the levels. Thanks for the great app. Just what I wanted. I'd love to see Game Center or Open Feint integration added.

Fun and addicting

It's a fun and addicting game and my math skills are improving with every game.

Beautiful Design

Great tutorial. The design and art are beautiful. A fun game. If you haven't played before, it will take you through a complete puzzle.


Definitely a fun and addicting game! It makes you think (math skills) - instead of just pushing buttons like other apps.

Beautiful interface!

I'm new to kakuro but the tutorial and intro level games make it easy to get the hang of the puzzle techniques. The lovely interface and background sounds complete the experience.


If you need to think about the puzzle a long time, your making it to hard. Go with your gut and enjoy.

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